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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. But nothing ‘major’ has happened to me. I’m not sure it’s violence. But, I think it could be harassment…I just remember feeling a bit uncomfortable. Should I share it here?
  2. But why should I participate towards building ‘evidence’?
  3. What happens after I give my clothes?
  4. What happens after I share my personal story?
  5. Where do I send the clothes?
  6. Does this campaign include the LGBT and hijra communities?
  7. Is this only about ‘eve-teasing’? Street harassment?
  8. Is this a global campaign?
  9. Is this anti-men?
  10. I am heterosexual guy. How do I participate? Is there room for me in this campaign?
  11. I don't want to say what happened but I want to send a photo of the garment. Can I?
  12. I dont have the garment to photograph or to send to you. It happened when I was five. Can I still participate?
  13. Do you really think things can change?
  14. Are you proving something with all this evidence?
  15. What are the other components to this campaign?
  16. Can I support the campaign with funds?