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Blank Noise

Blank Noise is a growing international network of Action Heroes: citizens who take agency to tackle sexual violence. It was initiated in 2003, as a grad-student project at Srishti School of Art Design and Technology. This was at a time when street sexual violence was considered a non-issue and dismissed merely as ‘eve teasing’, something that was normal, everyday, expected, and accepted.

All of Blank Noise has been built on the lived experiences of its Action Heroes. It gathers testimonials of sexual violence and disperses them back. It tackles the fear-based relationship women have been taught to have with their cities. It seeks to build ownership of the issue of sexual violence by making it visible, and changing attitudes that perpetuate such violence.

Over the past decade, BN has been instrumental in enabling dialogue on the attitudes towards street harassment through a series of events and interventions.

Blank Noise facilitates events and actions designed for public participation, both on the web and the streets of different cities. Projects include Safe City Pledge, Talk To Me, Hahaha Sangha, Being Idle, Step-By-Step Guide To Unapologetic Walking, Blogathon 2006, and now, I Never Ask For It.

Contact Us

You can email us at blanknoise@gmail.com. You can also join our mailing list to subscribe to updates.

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You can send us the actual garment as a testimonial to the following postal address:

c/o Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology
Near Rail and Wheel Factory
Yelahanka, PO Box #6430
Bangalore 560 064