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Dear Action Hero,

I Never Ask For It is a campaign designed to tackle and arrest blame. It is based on the simple premise that women across the world often remember what they wore when they experienced sexual violence. It is a reflection of the environment of victim-blame that we, as girls and women, are raised in. It examines the nature of blame, and its manifestation across spaces and types of violence, be it domestic violence, child sexual abuse, rape, or street harassment.

I Never Ask For It builds testimonials of clothing. To do so, we are requesting you to send us a photo of the piece of clothing you wore when you experienced any form of sexual violence, threat, or sexual intimidation.

These garments will be placed on a world map. Your contribution is a way of participatory fact-building to say that there is no excuse for sexual violence; each garment is a witness, a testimonial, and a rejection of blame. Each garment builds resonance in saying, ‘I Never Ask For It.’

We are also collecting the actual garment you wore when you felt sexually violated or intimidated. A year from now, these pieces of clothing will form a large mobile installation that will travel to cities across the world. You can post the garment to us at this address.

I Never Ask For It has been initiated and will be facilitated by Blank Noise. It will be built in collaboration with organisations, collectives and Action Heroes worldwide.

In solidarity,
An Action Hero
Blank Noise